I am Jason Matthew, aka The Toasted Shaman, and I want to teach and inspire people how to make world class beer.

My journey

Since 2017 my breweries have won over 170 medals at beer competitions from all over the world, including "Best Midsize Brewery in Asia" and "Best Overall beer in Asia" at the Asian Beer Championships two years in a row.

I now feel that my purpose in life is to teach and mentor. My dog Mishka and I will be spending 2022 and on traveling all over the world teaching people how to make world class award winning beers.

If any of this resonates with you and you'd like to work with me, please shoot me a message. Hope to meet you soon.

Jeremy Kosmicki- Head Brewmaster. Founder's Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, Mi)
“Jason is one of the most hard working and ambitious people I have ever met. His technical brewing and creativity are both top notch. I love bouncing ideas off of him as he's never afraid to think outside the box.”

Chris Davison- Head Brewer. Wolf's Ridge Brewing (Columbus, Ohio)
"...Jason can talk shop with the best of them and will tell it to you straight - qualities that should be prized in working with a consultant.”

Brooks Williamson- Lead Brewer. Tommyknockers Brewing Co (Idaho Springs, CO)
"The term 'Beer Yoda' is what comes to mind when describing Jason..."

Les Timmerman's- Owner/Brewmaster. White Crow Brewing Company (South Korea)
“Jason's passion for brewing excellence and his encyclopedic knowledge of the science and art form have advanced the industry standards across the country of South Korea. And that's not an overstatement.”

Let’s talk?

Did I find you? Or did you find me?

It appears the Universe sent you here for a reason, let's talk beer, brewing, and growing.